I was born and raised in Iowa City and I graduated with a Bachelor of Music from the University of Iowa. Go Hawks! My family still lives in Iowa City and it is always a treat to be able to perform when I’m back for a visit.

You can check the calendar for any upcoming performances. I usually do a 30 min set at the Monday Open Mic Night at The Mill, hosted by J. Knight. And for those who can’t stay up late enough to catch the evening show, (cough, my mom, cough) I book a full 60 min set at Uptown Bill’s Coffee Shop on Saturday afternoon.

I can’t tell you how much it means to me to be able to have my mom hear me sing. She’s always been my biggest supporter. She was the one who drove me to auditions, choir rehearsal, dance class, play practice, or picked me up at the community theater late at night past her bedtime. She’d already be in her robe and slippers, so she wouldn’t get out of the car…unless I was busy talking inside and forgot to check for her. Teehee. Now she’s in her 80s and it’s precious to share my songs with her. Also, my sisters come and cheer me on and cry, or heckle from the audience, depending on which sister you’re talking about. Also my very best friends from childhood are still in the midwest and make a point to come see me. It truly is a family homecoming every time. I’m so grateful.