I am thrilled to share the new colors and photos and focus for this site and my performances. I’ve embraced the pull of becoming an early childhood musician and entertainer!

In 2016, my friend and branding partner, Tami Heaton, and I put together a complete revamp of this site, including a new backend system/structure. It was pink and yellow…and more pink; full of energy and enthusiasm for me as an Ukulele Artist.

In the last two years I’ve had something of a transformation. I cut my hair short and went back to my natural color, started performing in my glasses instead of contacts, leading music classes for children and their families, and making my own puppets. All of that has felt like moving closer to the real me. So I set up a photo shoot for a fresh start.

Tami had the challenge of representing this new authenticity in a refreshed palette. We talked about the feel I was going for but it hadn’t sparked the solution. As I was considering the outfits to wear for the photo shoot, I laid my favorite dresses out on the bed and sent that picture to Tami. She was inspired by the colors I was naturally drawn to and came back with the perfect combination!

Welcome to the world of teal and orange and yellow and green!

Thank you Tami. I love it 🧡💛💚