I recently had the pleasure of leading a group of about twenty members of the Berkeley Ukulele Club in a song interpretation masterclass I call “Release Your Story.” Thank you, Mike DaSilva, for inviting me!

I took a class for years in New York City with Warren Kelley and Steven Katz with a focus on singing with piano accompaniment for musical theater auditioning, preparing for a cabaret show, etc. In that class I learned so much about connecting with a lyric. Since I started performing with my ukulele, I’ve tried to infuse that same technique in my work. It’s such a pleasure to share this method with the ukulele community.

In my masterclass, you discover the personal connection to your songs. Really telling the story helps you deal with the nerves of getting up and singing in front of people, and has the added benefit of actually releasing the vocal instrument. If you’ve ever wanted to sing at an open mic, this is the place to start. If you’re a seasoned performer, this is how to take your material to the next level. If you just love to sit on the couch and sing, this method will help you find a personal connection to the lyric and singing your songs will mean so much more to you.

Please contact me to book this masterclass for your uke group, festival, or any musical event.