Oh my goodness, I’m so excited to introduce you to my new website! The smartest thing I did was reach out to my friend, Tami Heaton, of Undeniable. Tami and I go way back, having worked together years ago in NYC for the SCI-FI Channel’s website. I said, “here’s a picture of my yellow polka-dot ukulele; make me a site inspired by it.” and boy, did she ever deliver. It totally suits my girly personality, and the friendly, fun environment I try to create in my performances. Even if I do sing sad songs (and I DO!) I like to break the tension with levity between songs. Sometimes you have to laugh at the tough situation in life. I think the design of this site hits that balance of a serious musician, who isn’t always so serious.

Also a huge shout-out to Alex Griffin (https://www.alexugriffin.com) and Shuva Rahim (http://www.shuvarahim.comfor the beautiful photography work. And Andrew Brown for hosting the site all these years.

I know really smart, talented people.